“A Bad Day Can Be Your Best Friend. Every day has its ups and downs...”

“Perhaps the most powerful and practical business speaker in America today”

Brian Tracey
Speaker, Author, Consultant

How To Make Money Tomorrow Morning

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Sid Friedman, president and CEO of Corporate Financial Services, is one of the nation's most respected financial planning experts and has become one of this country's most sought after speakers on financial planning, personal motivation, career development and time management issues.

The author of five highly-acclaimed books, Sid has educated businesses leaders and consumers around the world about how they can be more productive and successful in both their professional and personal lives.

His philosophy of success - promise a lot and deliver even more! - has made him, according to Forbes magazine, "one of corporate America's most powerful people." Through more than four decades and through every economic cycle, Sid Friedman has increased his sales performance and remained one of the top producers in his industry.

Sid founded Sid Friedman International (SFI) - the leader in sales training and motivation - in 2003 in order to bring his 50 years of achievement in the world of sales and selling to sales professionals throughout the world.

From Anchorage to Hong Kong, from Los Angeles to Sydney, and throughout convention centers in New York, Toronto, Los Angeles and dozens of other cities, wildly enthusiastic standing room only crowds demonstrate again and again just how successfully Sid Friedman inspires his audiences.

If you've ever seen one of Sid's seminars, you'd know why The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and CNNfn have all recognized that Sid Friedman is a unique talent and master salesman.

Sid has been retained by world-class companies such as: Accenture, ManuLife Hong Kong and John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance to help train and motivate their top salespeople.

Sid Friedman International is dedicated to the concept of knowledge transfer in the realm of sales and selling. Sid uses his decades of experience on the front line of sales to create powerful sales training products and services from which everyone - from highly motivated sales professionals, to corporate sales operations with thousands of salesmen and women - can benefit.

As President and CEO of Sid Friedman International, Sid is building one of the world's great sales training organizations. He recognizes the importance of continuing education, and in fact attributes much of his own success to it. He holds degrees and designations such as Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Registered Health Underwriter (RHU), and Master of Science in Financial Services (MSFS). Sid's industry leadership has led to the development of such pioneering concepts as HowMuchIsMyInsuranceWorth.com - a Web site that helps consumers find the value of the insurance policies.

Sid Friedman International markets Sid's products including audio and video programs and five books that provide strategies for professional and personal success: Helping Clients Can Make You Rich, What Makes Ernie Tick, Never Let Up, The Wonderful Wizard in You, and the sales industry classic How to Make Money Tomorrow Morning, a must-read for sales professionals around the world.

Sid Friedman International also markets five powerful audio CD tools, including Produce or Die, That Critical Moment and Promise A Lot and Deliver More, all featuring sales training tips, tactics and lessons for achieving extraordinary sales success.