“A Bad Day Can Be Your Best Friend. Every day has its ups and downs...”

“Perhaps the most powerful and practical business speaker in America today”

Brian Tracey
Speaker, Author, Consultant

How To Make Money Tomorrow Morning

Packed with insights, strategies and tactics gleaned from nearly 50-years of sales experience, How To Make Money Tomorrow Morning can help you make immediate and dramatic changes in your work and in your results...

Sid Friedman is one of this country's most sought after speakers on financial planning, personal motivation, career development and time management. The author of five highly-acclaimed books, he has spoken before audiences throughout the world.

Forbes magazine calls Sid, "One of corporate America's most powerful people."

As President and CEO of Corporate Financial Services, Sid has built one of the industry's most successful insurance and financial advisory practices, with a staff of 100 professionals and offices in Center City Philadelphia. His industry leadership has led to the development of such pioneering concepts such as How Much Is My Insurance Worth.com, a Web site that help consumers find the value of their insurance policies.

Engaging, entertaining, and enlightening, Sid speaks on a (range of topics) including:
  • Testing your Financial IQ. What you need to know as a responsible member of the American economic system.
  • How to Make a Buck and Still be a Human Being. You don't have to sacrifice ethics to make money; rather, ethics is what generates wealth.
  • The Wealth Formula. Learn the key variables to personal financial success and how to use them to chart your financial destiny.
  • Wealth Breakthrough. What affluent Americans know about personal wealth and how you can learn from them to improve your financial literacy.
Sid is a self-made millionaire who took himself from the streets of Brooklyn to become a 28-year veteran of the International Top of the Table-generally considered the most exclusive financial organization in the world. Inside his industry, Sid is known as one of the five greatest salespeople of all time-the only man to ever serve as President of the International Top of the Table, the Twenty-Five Million Dollar International Forum, and the Association of Advanced Life Underwriting (AALU).

Sid is the author of five books that provide strategies for personal success, including Helping Clients Can Make You Rich, What Makes Ernie Tick, Never Let Up, The Wonderful Wizard in You, and his sales classic How to Make Money Tomorrow Morning, which has become a must-read for sales professionals around the world.

Sid is also the author of five powerful audio CD products, including Produce or Die, That Critical Moment and Promise A Lot and Deliver More, all featuring sales training tips, tactics and lessons for achieving extraordinary sales success. The programs cover everything from time management techniques, to proven closing skills. All based on Sid's 50 years as one of the nation's most successful sales professionals

Sid is a powerful motivator and a compelling speaker, whose insights are based on five decades of proven life experience. Thought-provoking, entertaining, and always on mark, Sid is much in demand on the speaking circuit, where he has taught thousands of people how to improve their financial knowledge and gain more from their careers and their lives.