“A Bad Day Can Be Your Best Friend. Every day has its ups and downs...”

“Perhaps the most powerful and practical business speaker in America today”

Brian Tracey
Speaker, Author, Consultant

How To Make Money Tomorrow Morning

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Success Systems
Price: $45.95

Change your life right now with these four audio casettes! They contain the concentrated wisdom Sid Friedman has gathered in 50 years of his extraordinarily successful business career - a career driven by his genius for self-management. And it's guaranteed to work for you!

Some of the ideas in this series include:
  • Avoiding procrastination permanently

  • Using the world's most effective prioritizing system

  • Never having to dig out from under a deskful of work again

  • Mastering self-discipline

  • The value of promising alot and delivering more

  • Learning how to steal a first class secretary
    Finding an additional ten weeks each year (for work or play)

  • Destroying the myths about time that have crippled your productivity
    And much, much more!
Executive Support Program: 'It's About Time'
includes a provocative exchange between Sid and his secretary Rosemary Molette about how they capitalize on each other's strengths to create the team - "The Dynamic Duo" - with limitless productivity and lightning-fast