“A Bad Day Can Be Your Best Friend. Every day has its ups and downs...”

“Perhaps the most powerful and practical business speaker in America today”

Brian Tracey
Speaker, Author, Consultant

How To Make Money Tomorrow Morning

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"Magnificent! Sid is a master at reading the audience and speaking directly to their souls. With over 40 years on the frontline he shows his audience how to be successful and squeeze more living out of life."

-Mark Victor Hansen
Co-Creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul ®

"Sidney Friedman is perhaps the most powerful and practical business speaker in America today. He challenges audiences to set bigger goals, take charge of their lives and get better results - faster than ever before. Sidney's provocative and persuasive messages come from four decades as one of the top sales professionals in the world. It really works."

-Brian Tracy
Speaker, Author and Consultant

"We continually ask Sid Friedman back as a guest in the "10!" show. Sid is a motivator and an example for us all."

-Steve Levy
Anchor, WCAU-TV (NBC)

"No theory or innuendo here! Sid Friedman gives only the facts - from some five decades of sales success. He's not only one of the country's most dynamic speakers, he's also one of the country's most successful salespeople. He speaks from experience-and that proves to be a powerfully persuasive message in today's business world."

-Greg Matusky
President, Gregory FCA Communications

"Sid was an outstanding guest on my show. His upbeat, energetic style generated a tremendous volume of calls. The phones wouldn't stop ringing!!!"

-Pat Synder, Host
"Sound Off Central Wisconsin"
News Radio AM 550 WSAU
Wausau, WI

"Better than any other speaker on the circuit today, Sid Friedman tells it like it is. His no-holds-barred approach to success, sales and personal motivation places responsibility at the audience's feet and challenges them to get more out of their lives-both professionally and personally. If your company needs results today, Sid Friedman is the one speaker who can move your employees to act now and find success."

-Ian Berg
Managing Director, Eastern Technology Fund

"Sid, in Produce or Die, you promised a lot and deliver more. The strategies and lessons have given me a renewed commitment to the sales practice and the confidence that I will reap their benefits."

-John Smith

"Thank you for your wonderful seminar. Produce or Die delivers your wealth of experience in such a simple and entertaining fashion. It was truly inspiring. You are a natural motivator."

-Ben Bonart

"Produce or Die truly inspired me to better myself and achieve more. I do my best everyday to live by the principles that you spoke about!"

-Wayne Kimmel

"What you bring to us in the way of motivation and good living advice in Produce or Die is something that everyone should have a chance to hear."

-Howard Silverman

"Thank you so much for the great presentation! All the ideas you share with us would help us all to become more successful sales professionals. I totally enjoyed it. If I employ even just one thing you shared, I will be miles closer to my goals."

-Stu Weitz