“A Bad Day Can Be Your Best Friend. Every day has its ups and downs...”

“Perhaps the most powerful and practical business speaker in America today”

Brian Tracey
Speaker, Author, Consultant

How To Make Money Tomorrow Morning

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  • Embracing That One Critical Moment. How to act, and act now to capitalize on sales opportunities. Put away the fear. Stop procrastinating. Stop thinking and start selling. Sid tells you how.
  • Produce or Die! In his most popular seminar, Sid explains the keys to staying successful in tough times. Ten sure-fire qualifying techniques guaranteed to get in "face time" with those who have the money to spend right now!
  • Managing Yourself to Master Your Time. Sid tells you how to live a 62-week year, pumping more time into your day in order to find more prospects, make more appointments and sell more products.
  • Why Prospectors Fail and Networkers Win. How to build your personal universe of contacts and relationships so that business flows directly to you. Networking 101.
  • The "No Close," Close. How to establish your expertise and commitment so that people want to do business with you without having to employ traditional, ineffective, closing tactics.
  • How to Make Money Tomorrow Morning. Based on his best selling book, Sid helps the audience to determine what they want out of life, how to create a plan of action, and how to develop a habit of winning and the discipline to put it all together.
  • It's About Time. Sid describes the six basic self-management problems that cause people to abuse their time, teaches his audience how to avoid procrastination for the rest of their lives, what to do if you fall back on old habits and much more!
  • Business Ethics. Sid will explain baseline ethics and how executives CAN make the right decisions to avoid impropriety. Sid stresses the importance of making the right decision the first time around and shows the audience how mastering life-enhancing critical moments are the key to success.
  • The Ten Commandments of Success. Classic Sid! This presentation, given to more than 120 groups across the globe, provides the keys to finding success in an increasingly complex world.
  • What would you do for $1 million? Sid walks the audience through a vivid introspection that helps them identify their own level of personal ethics and shows them how their willingness to compromise can lead either to fabulous success-or utter failure.
  • The Mock Heart Attack. What would change if you knew you were going to have a heart attack in 24 hours? Sid takes his audience through his own life-threatening fight against heart disease and cancer to show them how to prioritize their lives and get more from each waking moment.